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BoxNet Ltd is a company that provides IT consultancy
Leon Box is the primary consultant and MD of Box-Net Ltd.  Leon is an accomplished system Integration Engineer, practicing since 1996 in the banking and technology sectors. 


Box Net Ltd can provide consultancy in many area of IT system integration, for more details please contact Leon Box +44 (0) 7809676555


Primary Areas of Expertise



·         Excellent exposure to front office sales & trading systems
·         Sound business knowledge of Equity Derivatives, Cash and Financial Risk
·         Full Configuration Management and Release Control skills
·         Experienced in Team Leading and taking Technical Project Leadership
·         Core technical skills - Unix & Perl & SQL & XML & FIX





Job description


Goldman Sachs (

Goldman Sachs acts as a financial advisor to some of the most important companies, largest governments, and wealthiest families in the world.

June 2007 – Present
London UK

Client on-boarding
FIX client on-boarding is a role which requires detailed understanding of Buy side client connectivity, order flow and execution needs. 

Leon’s involvement in the client on-boarding process stems from detailed requirements gathering through to implementation and making customer requirements a live system.


Leon has a great understanding of how the FIX protocol is used for client connectivity and first hand knowledge of the various trading flows that GS has to offer its clients.  For example DMA,  broker intervention, algorithmic trading, drop copy execution across multiple asset classes.  Leon has built up expert level knowledge of how to integrate FIX clients to the GS flag ship product Redi Plus.



Previous Projects



Job description


Morgan Stanley (
MS is a financial services firm whose services are highly regarded internationally.


Oct 2003 – June 2007

London, UK

Associate - Core Equity Technology Division

Equity systems front office system integration involves developing and delivering new features to the system users, these are sales personnel and traders.  The systems are for order entry and order management.  The process of delivery is tightly controlled via an in-house configuration control and release management system.  The new features range from putting into production new software or fixes from development teams right through to building out complete new system from existing components.


The significant projects Leon has worked are list (most recent first)


MS Project 1


Technical Project Manger for the Cash Sales platform renovation project.

Leon is currently the Technical Project Manager focusing on a large initiative which will replace Morgan Stanley’s legacy Order Management System for Cash Sales in Europe.  As part of Leon’s role he manages and schedules the work of up 6 project members.  This is split by developers and system integrators.   Leon also takes on a significant portion of the technical work load.  The spread of activates on this project is vast and include 

  • Using MS Project to manage resource allocation and time lines of a detailed multi year project plan.  Work of direct project members and external team dependencies is modelled.
  • Working with the business unit to work through requirements and make sure the renovated system is meeting expectations and covering off existing functions.
  • Working closely with C++ server developers to get new system features added to existing server products.  Compelled to keep in touch with the raw technology Leon has completed several proof of concept code changes (C++) in order to expedite essential updates.  Once concepts are approved by wider development community Leon’s code is integrated by the development team into the Morgan Stanley product set. 
  • Leon is working closely with the .net GUI developers who are committed to the Cash Sales renovation project.  The look and feel of the new product is to be a key part of its success; Leon has been instrumental in bringing new ideas and direction to the product. 
  • Changes in the server setup have been driven by Leon to support new functions.  For example  features like client warehousing, rounding, out of currency transaction, multiday orders that auto generate execution orders and so on.
  • Leon is playing a key part in driving the manual and automated testing initiative, to ensure the test team can deliver a robust and complete verification solution.


In summary the phase of the project Leon is working on is the European focus of a wider global project.  Leon has been leveraging his global network of technical colleagues to constantly review the European solution and compare it against the other regions.  Code and configuration re-use is the primary consideration so global upgrades are achievable.


To illustrate Leon’s current role, the following is an example of something Leon has worked directly on.  Leon modelled completely the full set of state transitions that the orders in our order management system can go through.  There are many variables involved in the model and many possible transitions and states, with different parties affected by this.  For example our clients, sales and trader all have a different view onto the order state at any one time.  This analysis yielded many work items for example with the GUI team to ensure previously unthought-of states are rendered correctly.  It also kicked off many changes to our core order manager server side software which Leon initiated and managed through to resolution.  As so many use cases were covered in this analysis it was also given as input to the testing team to ensure they capture the core and edge cases of our system.


MS Project 2

Lead Integrator on Globalisation of Cash and Derivatives Front Office Sales Systems

Before working on the European focussed aspect of the replacement to Morgan Stanley’s Order Management System, Leon was the global lead integrator for globalisation of the new Order Management Workstation(OMW).  This product enables the securities sales staff to route LN orders globally to their counterparts in the Morgan Stanley offices in NY / TK / HK (and so likewise for each region).  With a globally shared order books and market access to any region plus giving global FIX with Broker Intervention capability to external clients this project was a land mark achievement in improving Morgan Stanley Global Securities Sales network. Leon’s involvement was to design and build and roll out a future proofed global architecture which support both the global and local sales requirements.  Example’s of more specific tasks Leon has worked on whilst participating on this project are

  • Design and create network connections to ship messages around Morgan Stanley’s global network with its in house publish and subscribe technology.
  • Converging cash and derivates process configuration and making it globally re-usable via latest configuration management techniques
  • Combining regional static data into a globally shared format
  • Modifying server side statefull components so they are available on a 24x6 basis
  • Leveraging a central FARM of stateless services to be used by any region (plus making updates to this FARM so it can correctly serve the global required data)
  • Conversing with counterparts in each region to ensure global consistency in the process configuration (via config reviews)

MS Project 3

Team Leader on Cash Trading / Fidessa Replacement Project

Leon worked on the initial stages of this project which has replaced the market access component from the Fidessa product with the MS in house solution (OMW).  Leon’s work included interpreting a large and complex requirements document, and translating it  into server side system architecture and GUI forms.  A new server side Trading Order Management Component was put into development to make the OMW product capable and performant when handling the projected trade volumes.  Much of Leon’s work was to take the users detailed cash trading needs (using what is available in Fidessa today as a starting point) and feed these requirements into the developers.  Leon would then unit test and integration test a combination of the changes making sure the features are presented correctly.  For example an early system features was adding support for the Execute or Eliminate order type on the European cash markets.  Such a feature requires both configuration and code changes across many of the distributed components within the OMW system. Whilst Leon was working on this project he oversaw many of the major system features being added.  For example complex order type transitions, iceberg order support, integration with Fidessa’s OMAR component, enhanced trading from expanded market depth. 


MS Project 4

Team Leader on adding Electronic FIX Order entry for clients

Prior to the implementation of this project the only way new orders were placed into the derivatives order entry system was by either the sales personnel or traders  directly entering them via the GUI.  The primary aim of this project was to enable clients to submit FIX orders for broker intervention trading.  Leon’s involvement was to drive the project forward on all levels, as well as performing the integration work.  This included agreeing the scope of the interface with client firms.  Leon’s approach to this project was to build out a robust and generic FIX broker intervention system, to encompasses the anticipated future client requirements.  For example the first client required limited futures and options trading features, whilst the second was much more advanced with Automatic Allocations.  Leon’s forward thinking has resulted in Morgan Stanley being able to introduce new FIX clients into this project with minimum of system changes. The type of features offered by this system include: new orders and replacement orders, order alerts, order aggregation and reporting.  The client options are expressed in a database maintained by the operations staff.  This project involved detailed interaction with the trading desk, in order to ensure the end product met with their requirements.


MS Project 5

Team Member - Globalisation of Convertible Bonds order entry system

This project involved extending a New York based Convertible Bond and Cash Hedge Trading system to a Global Context.  Leon’s involvement was to set up the European side of the system and ensure the expansion was extensible to the Asia offices.  Leon gave consideration to global order routing ensuring seamless and the correct components processed the right messages on time.  Certain processes needed to run on a 24x6 shared basis.  E.g. Leon altered the product lookup service for converts so it could be shared globally.  In order to facilitate expansion, Leon utilised new configuration management techniques allowing global re-use of configuration and code.  Leon recognised that it is essential to keep each of the regional system builds synchronised in order to guarantee complete global compatibility. This project involved Leon delivering demo’s of the software to the converts desk in London and New York. 


The NY convertible orders entry system had a mature sales to trader routing architecture, far more advanced than the other current London based Derivatives system.   Where possible Leon transferred the key features of this technology to other London based projects.  i.e. the design of future architectures and the advanced configuration control techniques to other London projects.  Leon’s work on this project resulted in him becoming a member of the core configuration control developer team.


MS Project 6

Team Lead on Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) remediation for OMW

In order to implement the mandatory requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, Leon coordinated the activity of a team of 5 other integration staff over several months.  The aim was to alter the system such that we establish and maintain rigorous internal controls and reporting procedures. To bring our systems into SOX compliance.  Under Leon’s instruction the team successfully completed several upgrades to Morgan Stanley’s trading infrastructure.  Changes included stripping password from configuration and using Kerboros authentication to gain secure access to Sybase DBs.  Leon led a very complex process of upgrading almost every system component to the latest release ensuring the software leverages the latest Kerberos features.  Another aspect of the SOX remediation process was to secure the access to the server based components in the system, such that only users with the right credentials can query, alter, restart a running process.  Leon specifically focussed on this piece of work, and made recommendations to other integration teams. 
This was a global project for which Leon participated by hosting several global integration focussed workshops.  Sharing knowledge at this level allowed regional teams to leverage global advances thus reducing re-work.

MS Project 7

Team Lead – STP / GiveIn Derivatives

Leon was integration lead on this project from the outset which involved determining the scope of new features and requirements.  Leon then went through the server components and including the necessary enhancements to facilitate the Straight Through Processing features. The requirement was for the Morgan Stanley trading architecture to be able to process without user intervention Listed Derivates which are Give-Ins (trades where a buy side client has executed with another firm, but does its clearing though Morgan Stanley).  The executing firm will Give-Up the trade details to Morgan Stanley as a Give-In.  Leon modified the system such that the Give-Ins have special pre-executed status but still go through all the normal real time trade enrichment and order routing.  Leon added the new configuration so that various processing paths were added based on client preference, either Average Price calculation across similar Give-In orders or 1 by 1 calculation where we process and allocate each Give-In separately.  Leon completed comprehensive integration testing between the trading system and the down stream trades completion clearing and allocation system.  Part of the remit of this project was that this flow should in no way affect the performance or functioning of the normal trading flow, even though it is being processed through the same system.  Leon proved this via rigorous regression and performance testing.


MS Project 8

Team Member - OMW Derivates Integration

This was Leon’s first project as MS where he completed many production turnovers a small sample includes :

-          Adding new electronic exchanges as tradable destinations in the product

-          Adding support for Native GTCs ( on LIFFE)

-          Enabling Icebergs on options

-          Bug fixes to the trade Crossing mechanism (Below and above block)

-          Bug fixes to calendar roles for futures processing


Previous Project


Job description

Algorithmics (UK) Limited (
Algorithmics develop and deliver enterprise risk management solutions to banks and other financial establishments on a global scale.

September 2000 – Oct 2003
London, UK
Senior Integration Engineer (Team Leader)
Design and implementation of Risk Management Solutions using the Algorithmics product suite.
  Technically focussed on shaping the “AlgoSuite” core products to meet specific customer functional requirements.  The following is a list of predominant clients worked for on a consultancy basis through Algorithmics.

British Petroleum (BP)

Leon worked on a high profile energy market and credit risk based project.  The involvement surrounded extending the Algo financial products mark-up language to include some of the more exotic energy products.

Bank of Ireland (BOI)

Working with the “Algo Limits Real Time” system to enable BOI to perform credit risk pre-deal checking for treasury products.   Working as the senior Integration Engineer the major area of responsibility has been integrating BOI front office systems with the AlgoSuite interfaces. 

Performed extensive Hong Kong based testing and troubleshooting on the Algorithmics Pre Deal Server credit risk system.  Also provided enhancements to the separate Market Risk batch system through complex Risk Script extensions.

Standard Chartered Bank (SCB)
Installed, configured, integrated Algorithmics Pre Deal Server, Planned and executed the migration from the Algo Suite 3.2.x production system approach to the new AlgoSuite Version 4 architecture.    
Dutch Central Bank (DCB)
Implemented a bespoke market risk system for Value at Risk reporting, Sensitivity analysis, portfolio tracking error and performance attribution.  Working as the lead developer, creating a suite of re-usable RiskScripts, HistoScripts and Perl scripts taking design input directly from a Financial Engineer.  Fully involved with phased testing and release, to production environment.
Amsterdam Stock Exchange (Euronext)
Developed and implemented an intraday trader hair cut and limit check system written in Perl and RiskScript.  Developed a complete framework including graphical session load wizards, session load balancing mechanism, scheduling and instantaneous email notification of trader limit breaches

ABN Amro

Set up test harness for this high profile pre-sales project.  Primarily focused on tuning Algo Limits Real Time with Wiretap to accept mass trade throughput.

Previous Project






Job description

Matra Marconi Space UK (
Astrium is Europe’s leading Space Company.  An amalgamation of BAe Systems  space division and DASA.  Matra Marconi Space was a key member of the space industry before becoming part of Astrium Space.

1997 – 2000
Stevenage, UK
Software Engineer (Team Leader)
Design and implementation and testing of Remote Control & Monitoring software for Military Satellite Earth Stations.

Development of satellite ground station control software in a specialist C based SCADA language (GEMS).   Making formally specified program modifications to the a heavily version controlled core set of products.  Gained in depth real time system programming experience.


Team leading software projects with visibility of complete project lifecycles.  Covering Requirements Analysis | Structured Software Design | Project Documentation | Human Resource Management | Project Scheduling | Software and Hardware Resource Budgeting | Presales Bids & Proposals | MOD Interaction. 

Hands on approach to C Coding / GUI development / Code walks and peer reviews / Software configuration control / Staged formal testing. Performing on site commissioning across a many European military Eartth stations, involving complex installation and UAT/OSAT testing.


Knowledge and Exposure to a wide variety of Satellite ground station equipment in the process of building remote interfaces.  Extensive business understanding of earth station RF connectivity across various frequency bands, access planning, Satellite tracking and ranging.

Security being of prime importance to military communications, software was subject to rigorous penetration testing.  Interaction with Clef to achieve ITSEC accreditation for various in house software components.   Also coordinating Tempest hardening of computer equipment so no secret data emanation can occur.




Job description

Northern Foods PLC (
Northern food is a leading UK food producer.
1996 - 1997
Shrewsbury / Warrington, UK
IT Project Analyst
Implementing IT projects
in an IT department of a large company. 

Spread sheet development facilitating operations staff with stock control, controlling production volumes and producing key performance indicators.  Complex statistical analysis was required using rapid application development techniques. 

Large roll out (100+) of Novell NetWare client PCs built from bottom up.  Including hardware assembly / configuration, software installation and build control. 

Development of various desktop user applications used for manipulating DB2 databases hosted on a central AS/400 machine.  Utilised technologies include Visual Basic | ODBC | RUMBA (AS/400 Edition).

Help desk support for AS/400 users, covering job queue control | device controllers | net printing etc.  Also PC uses with various day to day office application problems.

Maintenance of a factory floor SCADA system based on a network of IBM AIX machines

Technical skill Summary





Skilled in - Perl | UNIX shell scripting | Visual Basic & VBA (and RiskScript)
Working knowledge of C & C++ (and Risk++) | Tcl | Turbo Pascal |  Java | Java Script |  JSP | Jpython

Operating Systems

User of Many types of Linux | Solaris (Sparc + X86) | AIX | MS Windows | TRU 64 + Dec Unix | OpenVMS | OS/400

Communications and middleware

MQ Series | Ticbo Rendezvous | TCP/IP IPC | DecNet phase IV / V | SATCOM  | LAN | WAN | RF modulation | Low Level Serial Protocol


User of Sybase 11.9.2 & 12.5.2 /12.5.3 | Oracle 8.1.7 | Oracle 9iAS | Creating Stored procedures, triggers, external procedures. 
SQL usage at intermediate level (use on a daily basis but not DBA level)

Other Software Experience

OMT, UML Rational Rose, Requisite Pro, ClearCase, ClearQuest, Purify  WinRunner. 
Version Control with CVS & RCS
& Perforce


(1986 - 1996)

Bachelor of Science with Honors
in Computer Science from Sheffield University  (Class II division I)
3 Good A Levels Mathematics | Computing | Design
8 Good GCSEs

Vocational Training

Morgan Stanley Training Numerous courses on securities and financial markets
Morgan Stanley Training Intermediate & Advanced Perl (by Damian Conway)
Morgan Stanley Training Making your point in meetings
Learning Tree XML Advanced | C++
Sun Microsystems Solaris Administrator courses
Sybase Administrators course
IBM AS/400 Administrators course
Novel NetWare Administrators course
Ilog Views
MMI development in MFC / Motif hybrid
Space School OMT | UML | Satellite communications & control | Space industry   

Contact details

+44 (0) 7809676555

BoxNet Ltd Registered address.  Beech Place. Epping, Essex

BoxNet Ltd started trading in 2007 – the projects mentioned above were undertaken by Leon Box leading up to the formation of BoxNet Ltd.